Go Green With A Chemical Free Garden

Shredded wood used as mulch. This type of mulc...

Shredded wood used as mulch. This type of mulch is often dyed to improve its appearance in the landscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you ready to “Go Green With A Chemical Free Garden?” If you have been considering taking on and going organic then you have come to the right place. I know there is now plenty of content online covering this, but are they really practicing what they preach? Possibly!

Watch the video and read the article below to find out more and how you too can step into the Green Revolution and play your part in saving the environment.

BGTV: Landscaping and the Environment

This video abstract from Season One of Building Green (airing nationally on PBS) introduces environmentally-friendly landscaping techniques such; we introduce permaculture concepts and give some nasty stats related to lawns

Pine needles used as mulch. Also called "...

Pine needles used as mulch. Also called “pinestraw” in the southern US. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keeping your landscape free from chemicals is not only great for the environment and your families health, but can also save you money along the way!

Keeping your yard free from nasty bugs and pesty weeds can be really tricky, but with a well balanced approach a chemical free garden is not only achievable. but highly desirable. How To Grow Big Boy Tomatoes – click here

Photo right:  Pine mulch is only recommended for plants like like an acidic soil.

How To Suppress Those Nasty Weeds?

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbeka...

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbekanntes Unkraut in meinem Rasen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many thing s that you can do to keep weeds from entering your landscape.  The first step is to fill spaces up between plants when planting, then there is no room for the weeds to spread their nasty seeds and sprout.

Spreading a thick layer of mulch will also slow up the spreading of weeds and makes it difficult to grow.  Many landscaper like to use weedmat, but I find it is not so good to help the soil breath and its does break down over time producing holes.

My preference is wet newspaper and cardboard underneath the mulch as it breaks down and feeds the soil with organic matter.  However I would not recommend it on sloping areas unless you can pin it down.  Also shiny cardboard or painted cardboard is not desirable.

English: Dandelions They're everywhere, but I ...

English: Dandelions They’re everywhere, but I tend to overlook them because they’re weeds. Nonetheless, they are attractive plants if one can put their growing habits out of mind. I have not attempted to decide which species of Taraxacum these are. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keeping away bugs and insects isn’t quiet as easy, but to be honest many traditional gardens are breeding grounds for these little guys.

So, what can you do?  Well, first you must consider not mass planting (mono planting) the same species together but spreading them out into different areas, this way pest can not just jump from one plant to the next.

Insects and pest get confused in planting that are not mass plants as the same species as they cannot follow the scent.  In nature you hardly ever see mass mono plantings, right?  Then you need to follow nature and spread your plantings out with a variety of species.

If you do come across a plant that is infected, burn it and then replace that space with a different species to avoid the same problem.

How To Get Rid Of Those Weeds?

English: Weeds colonising earthworks, Kites Ha...

English: Weeds colonising earthworks, Kites Hardwick Weeds and oilseed plants are starting to colonise these earthworks. See also http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1312054 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting rid of weeds is actually easier than you think, but you need to think outside of the box, you see spraying the weeds is not the way!   When you spray a weed it dies then leaves an open space for another weed to spread its see and germinate gain.  All you are doing is perpetuating the cycle.

ANSWER:  Fill all the bear earth spaces with mulch or plantings.

Tip:  Turn your weeds into liquid fertilizer

When gathering weeds soak them in a bucket of water for 5 to 7 days.  This not only drowns the seeds, but also leaches out all the nutrients stored within the plant into the water.  This is recycling at its finest.

Green Landscaping resource Guide

Below I have provided a resource guide for you to access to find more information related to this topic.  Before visiting these links please link to us or bookmark so you can find us easily again, as there is still plenty more content inside to be found.

Water-Friendly Apartment Landscaping | The Rental Standard


English: The New Cottage, Long Barn Rd, Weald ...

English: The New Cottage, Long Barn Rd, Weald A wooden building using the latest environmentally friendly, green techniques (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By installing a native plant garden, you’ll have a nice green landscape that requires much less water. Use mulch or rocks. Ground covering helps you reduce the size of your lawn, but also prevents the soil from eroding and

‘Eco-landscaping‘ protects against flooding | Green Right Now – We


The city of Toledo, Ohio, in a pilot project, is adopting so-called “green infrastructure” techniques to alleviate storm water run-off and to reduce basement flooding in residential areas. Green infrastructure. Jeanette Stinson has

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Be sure to plant some strawberries for your children and grandchildren. Ever-bearing ones are especially nice. Children love to pick their own fruit right out.

Green landscaping – Libertas Food Gardens


Sustainable Landscape Design and Green Landscapingis Libertas Gardens’ specialty, here in Melbourne. Resilient, low maintenance & environmentally friendly. How To Grow Beef Steak Tomatoes Fast – click here

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